St. George in Morag

Regon: 040121050

St. George Greek Catholic parish in Morag,
ul. Dabrowskiego 30;
14-300 Morag, warminsko-mazurskie voivodeship

Tel. +48 605 744 245
Pastor: Rev. Roman Storoniak

ul. Dabrowskiego 30; 14-300 Morag

Mass: Sundays (in summer) 9 AM, Sundays 12 PM (in winter), Working Holy Days 4 PM, every day 9 AM

Date of indulgence: 6th May

Parish was erected in 1992

Record books:
Baptisms from 1993 (until 1993 in Olsztyn or Paslek parishes)
Marriages from 1992  (until 1992 in Olsztyn or Paslek parishes)
Deaths from 2007  (until 2007 in Olsztyn or Paslek parishes)

Religious education: Morag Primary School No 4 in Morag, Middle School No 1 in Morag

Territory of the parish: the city and county of Morag, Maldyty county, Milakowo county, Lukta county