St. Archangel Michael in Przyslup

Regon: 490486603

St. Archangel Michael Greek Catholic parish in Przyslup; 38-315 Uscie Gorlickie, malopolskie voivodeship

Pastor’s address:
Losie 219; 38-312 Ropa, małopolskie voivodeship

Tel.: +48 18 353 43 04; Mob. +48 603 721 193


Pastor: Rev. Piotr Kaczmar

Losie 219; 38-312 Ropa

Mass: Sundays 10 AM (on the third Sunday of the month from Easter until indulgence)

Date of indulgence: 21st November

Parish was reactivated in 1991

Record books:
Baptisms from 1977 (together with Nowica parish)
Marriages from 1996 (together with Nowica parish)
Deaths from 1980 (together with Nowica parish)

Religious education: Kindergarten and Primary School Complex in Uscie Gorlickie

Territory of the parish: Przyslup