St. Archangel Michael in Pieniezno

Regon: 170233809

St. Archangel Michael Greek Catholic parish in Pieniezno; ul. Dworcowa 1; 14-520 Pieniezno
warminsko-mazurskie voivodeship

Pastor’s address:

ul. Braniewska 3; 14-520 Pieniezno, warminsko-mazurskie voivodeship

Tel.: +48 552 436 858; Mob. +48 602 452 589

e-mail: arturmaslej@wp.pl

Pastor: Rev. Protopriest Artur Maslej

ul. Braniewska 3; 14-520 Pieniezno, office hours: Mon – Fri, 9 AM – 11 AM

Mass: Sundays and Holy Days 9 AM and 12 PM; Working Holy Days 11 AM and 5 PM; every day 7 30 AM

Date of indulgence: 21st November

Parish was erected in 1958

Record books:
Baptisms from 1958
Marriages from 1958
Deaths from 1958

Religious education: State Kindergarten in Pieniezno, Primary School in Pieniezno, Primary School in Pakosze, School Complex in Ploskinia, Middle School in Pieniezno, School Complex in Pieniezno

Territory of the parish: the town and county of Pieniezno; Strubno, Podlechy, Rawuzy, Czosnowo, Wysoka Braniewska, Lozy and Dlugobor from Ploskinia county, Wolowo and Wola Wilknicka from Lelkowo county and Ostry Kamien, Gieduty and Henrykowo from Orneta county