St. Elijah in Hlomcza

Regon: 040020891

St. Elijah Greek Catholic parish in Hlomcza, Hlomcza 50; 38-503 Mrzyglod, podkarpackie voivodeship

Pastor’s address:
Hlomcza 50; 38-500 Sanok, podkarpackie voivodeship

Pastor: Rev. Protopriest Mikolaj Kostecki, Ph.D.
Mass: Sundays and Holy Days 7 30 AM, Working Holy Days 5 PM

Date of indulgence: 2nd August

Parish was reactivated in 1991

Record books:
Baptisms from 1991
Marriages from 2004
Deaths from 1991

Religious education: King Wladyslaw Jagiello Primary School in Mrzyglod, Mrzyglod 170; 38-500 Sanok

Territory of the parish: the Town of Hlomcza, all towns and villages in Sanok, Dydnia and Nozdrzec counties